Australian Geographic: Ant City

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Create your own little ant city at home!

Observe these little soldiers doing their thing and learn about ant’s chemical communications, families, problem-solving skills and more!

A fun STEM-inspired gift idea from Australian Geographic that might even lead to a career as a myrmecologist. Or at least, will lead to knowing what one of those is!

It’s a unique easy-care pet if you’re not ready to commit to a puppy and you can just collect ants from the garden while you’re doing the weeding.


  • Collect ants and learn all about them
  • A great interactive STEM-inspired gift
  • A very low maintenance pet idea

What’s in the box

  • Ant City bottle
  • screw top lid
  • 2 x mesh inserts
  • stabilising base moulding
  • pipette
  • tweezers
  • feeding dish
  • cotton balls
  • bag of yellow grit
  • backdrop sticker
  • colour instructions

Required (not included): Spoon, 600ml plastic container for soil, small lidded jar, ants!

Please note: This kit is not suitable for ants smaller than 4mm

Ages 6+