Bunnykins – ‘My First’ Keepsake Milestone Cards

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Celebrate all those special firsts with Bunnykins Firsts Cards. Each important milestone is depicted with a gorgeous, classic Bunnykins illustrations. Record your child’s birth, first day at home, when they first smiled and more. Each card is double sided and made from thick, sturdy material. By Royal Doulton


Design: Bunnykins by Royal Doulton

Pack contents: 

19 Action Milestone Photo Cards

  • I was born today
  • I arrived home from the hospital today
  • Today, I had my first bath
  • I smiled for the first time today
  • Today, I rolled over for the first time
  • This is my first swim
  • I slept through the night
  • Now, I can sit up without falling over
  • I laughed today. I found ____ funny
  • I crawled for the first time today
  • Look at my first tooth
  • I ate my first solid food today
  • Today, I stood up for the first time
  • Today is my first birthday
  • I can now walk all by myself
  • My first word ____
  • For the first outing I went with _____ to _____
  • This is my first ride in the car
  • Today, I slept in my own room

Size: 8.5cm x 3.5cm x 12.2cm