Chemistry Chaos Science Kit

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Chaos science kit is full of 19 fun and interesting experiments to explore the natural world. A great value experiment kit that is ideal for family science fun or for guidance to home schooling.

  • The kit includes all the main scientific equipment required for the experiments.
  • 51 page full-colour booklet which includes fun facts and suggestions for further experiments.

Includes experiments in the areas of Matter, Chemical Reactions, Crystallography, Forensic Chemistry and Qualitative Chemistry.

List of experiments:

  1. Matter Natter
  2. It’s a gas
  3. Make your own volcano
  4. Lava candy!
  5. Sizzling sherbert
  6. The hot and the cold of it
  7. Curious colloids
  8. All about solutions
  9. What is mayonnaise
  10. Spectacular surface tension
  11. Floating eggs
  12. More egg-centricity
  13. Super Silver Sparkle Restorer
  14. Growing crystals
  15. Growing salt crystals
  16. Crystal tree
  17. What’s in an ink
  18. Secret messages
  19. High C or Not High C

What’s in the box:

  • Safety goggles
  • vinyl gloves
  • 2 x transfer pipettes
  • small vial
  • wooden stirrer
  • balloon
  • plastic spoon
  • 2 x 100ml plastic cups
  • 10ml graduated tubes
  • filter paper
  • 2 x bicarb soda sachet
  • red-dyed vinegar sachet
  • mono ammonium phosphate sachet
  • polyvinyl alcohol sachet
  • sodium tetraborate (borax) sachet
  • magic flower pack
  • 51 page booklet

Ages 10 and up.