Volcanoes and Earthquakes Experiment Kit

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Volcanoes and Earthquakes kit includes 11 experiments to show how the Earth is constantly changing. Massive pieces of its outer layer are slowly sliding under, over, away from, or past each other. Earthquakes shake the continents and oceans, and volcanoes spew out the molten insides of our planet. By studying these awe-inspiring and devastating natural phenomena, you can learn more about the inner workings of Earth.

Build and erupt a model volcano with plaster-based lava that hardens after each eruption. The volcano can erupt multiple times, and the volcanic cone builds up with each eruption, like a real volcano. Learn about the different types of volcanoes.

Build a working seismograph, and fake some quakes to see for yourself how scientists measure earthquake forces. Discover plate tectonics, and see how volcanoes and earthquakes are caused by the constant movement of the planet’s parts.

Assemble a plate tectonics puzzle and a geological globe. Play a volcano quiz game to learn about well-known volcanoes. A full-color, 48-page experiment manual is included.

Kit contains:

  • Plaster, sodium hydrogen carbonate and tartaric acid
  • Measuring cup, spatula, red colouring, a small bottle and screw top lid
  • Black plastic tube, volcanic rocks, seismograph model and tectonics puzzle
  • Volcano model, globe model and volcano quiz game
  • 48 page full-colour illustrated instruction manual

You may need:

  • Water, scissors, knife, empty yoghurt containers and paper towel
  • Glue, glue stick, tape, ruler, pen, pencil, paper or sticky note
  • Screwdriver, newspaper, heavy book, rubber bands, action figures, coins, flat block of wood
  • 4 equal-sized blocks of wood (cubes or squares) and some clay.

Note: This kit contains chemicals. Read the instructions prior to use and make sure a parent supervises you.

Ages 10+